About Us

November 2018
Unofficial Start
PurePay.eu was born

This was our soft start when the idea was launched and we had our first website, and logo.

January 19 2019
Official start
PurePay Payments LTD was opened

We launched our UK limited company which was used for the first many years, as we grew intra EU and worldwide.

February 2019
First direct
First Gateway

We added our first gateway and direct solution on our backs, and we´ve never looked back since then.

May 2019
First Employee
First building our team
high risk merchant account

We hired our first employee whom assisted with sales, KYC and helped us continue our travel.

March 2020
First mark
We hit 10.000 transactions!

We hit our first goal set, which was a proud moment for us.

November 2020
New brand
PurePayPayments.com - New brand

We decided to move our brand further out with a new logo, new design and new domain. Enter PurePayPayments.com.

January 2021
New teammate
Our team expands with Gerry

We added a new sales person to our team, this person is a person that most people now know as Gerry. 

December 2021
New goal
We hit 100 approvals in a year!

We worked hard, we bled, we cried, and we have a lot of fun. But we also went to town on business and we reached another big goal.

November 2022
More solutions, more records
We became the best!

We added more gateways, more solutions and we hit record after record and it continued from there!

February 2023
More countries
We grew into North America

We´re expanding into a new interesting and amazing region, which we have grown for our clients.

May 2023
New home
New office in Old Town, Tallinn

New office, new people, new goals. 

July 2023
New equipment
Time for mPOS

Time for us to get offline, and help businesses get good devices, with amazing functionality without being expensive.

July 2023
New Name, New Start
PayFasto.com + More

We launched our new brands under FastoPayments OÜ which is PayFasto, BankWithFasto and FastoSafe, which will offer the complete package for our clients.

PayFasto came to life

Our idea was founded in november 2018 but was not incorporated till January 2019 as it started as an idea and a hobby. 
But as the three months went by, we found out that there was a big hole to fill in the merchant market. 

Strong idea, better service

Our idea is built on delivering high level customer service along with competitive pricing and responsiveness.
These values are very close to us, and we live by them everyday which ensures you the best options.

Why choose us?

The answer is simple, we understand you and we have the payment options and facilities which you’re needing.
Everything ranging from local payment methods, to credit card processing. And if this wasn’t enough to entise your merchant feelers, then we also have a strong API which can be easily integrated with your webshop or project.

Our Industries for Merchant accounts and Payment Processing are Adult, CBD, Crypto, Dating, E-Cigarettes or Vapes and Forex.

Dennis E.R. Pedersen

Chief Executive Officer & Partner

With a background in retail, marketing, advertising and processing. Dennis handles the day to day tasks, which includes bank relationship, advertising and business development.

Gerardo Martinez

Chief Operations Officer & Sales

Gerry comes from a technical background and has since 2020 built a strong personality in sales and tech with us. Since start 2023 he has acted as the functioning COO and will keep expanding on his knowledge sets moving forward.

Annabel Adler

Executive Sales Assistant

Annabel has years of customer service and a strong tech background. Both of those were a good foundation to move forward in the sales direction. Helping our team and the merchants with their everyday concerns to make sure that everything goes as seamlessly and smoothly as possible.

Maritta Kurikka

Executive Administrativ Assistant

Maritta has experience in quick problem solving which is needed in all businesses. Her purpose in our company is to ensure that every email gets answered, every call would be attended and making sure everything moves as fast as it can and every client finds it´s solutions, so PayFasto stays the best.

Coming Soon

POS Sales Manager

Coming soon.

PayFasto has ambitions – Do you share them?

PayFasto is a fast growing fintech company which operates globally. We hold offices in four countries. With us your on the forefront of cutting edge technology, fast powered industry plus much much more. The online payment processing world is filled with exciting changes and innovation is always at your doorstep, so in order to grow, you must always adapt.

If you like to be pushed everyday, and learn like there was no tomorrow? Then you could be a candidate to join Team PayFasto as we are always looking for not only the right people, but also the right mindset!

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