Adult Merchant Account & Credit Card Processing Solutions

With PayFasto’s adult merchant account and credit card processing solutions, your adult business will be set to process transactions seamlessly, all while protecting you against fraud and chargebacks.

Some Of Our 500+ Happy Customers

Some Of Our 500+ Happy Customers


What you get with Payfasto

You’re in safe hands. We handle over 1 million transactions monthly, all over the world. Wherever you’re operating from and no matter your industry, we’ll provide you with safe merchant account solutions.

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Why do you need an adult industry merchant account provider?

If your business is in the adult entertainment industry, you’ll be categorized as high-risk, and you should consider choosing a high-risk merchant account provider that helps businesses like yours accept credit card transactions and digital payments.

We are well-versed in the unique challenges faced by businesses in this industry across the US and Europe. PayFasto’s adult payment gateway offers a secure and reliable way to process transactions, promoting chargeback prevention and fraud reduction.

Trust PayFasto for your adult industry merchant account needs and let your business securely accept international payments, safeguarding customer data.

An overview of the adult entertainment industry

The adult entertainment industry encompasses a wide range of mature-audience content, from films, magazines, and websites to novelties, toys, and live performances.

The adult business industry offers lucrative opportunities but is often classified as high-risk, especially in terms of adult payment processing and merchant account services.

With evolving societal perceptions, the sector is expected to experience further growth and diversification.

PayFasto’s merchant services for the adult products and services industry

The adult industry is diverse, encompassing various niches with unique needs and challenges. At PayFasto, we understand that all businesses are unique and offer a specialized adult merchant account and adult payment processing gateway designed to meet the specific demands of different segments within the industry.

Whether you’re in the business of live cams, porn, sex toys, dating sites, content platforms, or content creation, we’ve got you covered. As a leading adult payment processing provider, we ensure seamless and secure transactions for your high-risk adult business.

Here are some of the key niches we cater to:

Adult webcam merchant account

In live webcam businesses, the focus should be on delivering compelling performances, not financial challenges.

PayFasto provides a specialized adult business merchant account, managing intricate financial aspects so you can keep your eyes on the main event – your performers and audience.

Choose PayFasto for your live webcam payment processing needs, and you’ll be set to process global payments safely and securely.

Adult payment processor for porn sites

Payment processing in the pornographic industry can be a real hurdle. PayFasto specializes in offering tailored solutions for adult entertainment and porn websites. Our services are designed to simplify payment processes, letting you focus your efforts on content creation.

We also provide discreet adult merchant services for the escort and sex industry.

For more details on our escort merchant account, click here.

Sex toys payment processor

Running a thriving sex toy business is all about meeting customer needs effectively.

PayFasto steps in to provide a specialized adult payment processor for sex toy transactions, streamlining your financial operations.

This means you can dedicate more time to sourcing and promoting your products while we ensure a hassle-free payment experience for both you and your customers.

Choose PayFasto as your adult toys payment processor and start accepting credit card payments today.

Dating merchant account

Creating meaningful connections should be your priority in the dating services industry, not struggling with payment issues.

That’s where PayFasto’s dedicated online dating adult merchant account comes into play, simplifying your transactions and letting you concentrate on what truly matters – sparking love and connection.

Payment processing for adult content platforms

Operating a pornographic platform means your primary focus should be delivering quality content to your audience, not getting bogged down by payment processing hiccups.

With PayFasto’s tailored adult payment gateway, you can navigate transactions smoothly, giving you more room to create and curate compelling content that keeps your audience engaged.

Payment processing for adult content creator

As a content creator, maintaining a steady creative flow is crucial. Payment processing challenges should be good for your artistic work. PayFasto recognizes this and offers a specialized adult merchant account designed specifically for content creators in this niche

By letting us handle these issues, you can focus on crafting content for platforms like OnlyFans and engaging with your audience, assured that your transactions are in capable hands.

How to open an adult merchant account?

Securing an adult merchant account for businesses in the adult entertainment industry is super easy with PayFasto. As providers experienced in adult payment processing, we understand the unique requirements of this field. 

Step 1.

Choose an adult payment processor

You should choose an adult merchant account provider that is reputable, proactive and secure with years of experience handling payment processing for adult merchants.

Step 2.

Make a deposit

Adult merchant account providers often require a deposit as a financial safeguard. This helps them manage refunds if your business encounters issues. Expect processing fees for adult business merchant accounts ranging from 2 to 4%.

Step 3.

Start transacting

Once your adult business merchant account is approved, you can start transacting and receiving payments from your customers. With the adult payment processing gateway, customers can pay in different currencies and from different countries. 

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How to prevent fraud and chargebacks in the adult entertainment industry?

Implement the following strategies to safeguard your business:

  • Advocate for customers to set up secure online accounts with your platform.
  • Require customers to agree to your site’s terms before completing purchases.
  • Use Address Verification System (AVS) to validate billing details.
  • Make Card Verification Value (CVV) mandatory for all online card-not-present transactions.
    Leverage IP Tracking to monitor for unusual buying patterns to detect potential fraud.
  • Introduce advanced 3D security measures like Verified by Visa for added transaction protection.
  • Implement a short, say two-day, authorization period before dispatching goods or services, giving banks or cardholders ample time to detect any suspicious activity.

Why choose PayFasto as your adult payment processor?

Choosing the best adult content payment processor is a pivotal step for businesses operating in this high-risk sector. The unique challenges demand careful consideration of various factors. 

Multiple payment methods

Ensure the processor accommodates a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, e-Checks, and mobile payments.

Robust security

Seek a payment gateway with strong security features, such as cutting-edge fraud detection mechanisms and state-of-the-art data encryption protocols.

Chargeback mitigation

Look for a processor with comprehensive risk management and tools to prevent chargebacks, a common issue in subscription-based models.

Recurring billing management

Your chosen processor should offer efficient subscription management, including automated billing and easy cancellation processes, to simplify operations and enhance customer satisfaction while optimizing your cash flow.

Industry expertise

Select an experienced adult business merchant account provider, who understands its unique challenges and regulations and offers tailored solutions to foster long-term growth.

24/7 customer support

Given the industry’s non-standard hours, round-the-clock customer support is crucial.

Adult Payment Integrations

PayFasto seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify. Every business is unique, which is why our API allows you to customize your adult payment gateway according to your specific needs.

Whether you prefer a host page integration or server-to-server setup, PayFasto’s API ensures that your high-risk e-commerce payment processing is optimized for efficiency and future-proofed for continued success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an adult merchant account?

An adult merchant account is a specialized account that helps businesses in the adult industry accept electronic payments, such as credit card transactions. This type of account is specifically designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of the industry, ensuring secure and efficient processing of funds from sales, subscriptions, or exclusive content.

Given adult content’s unique and often controversial nature, these accounts are tailored to manage the increased risks and regulatory nuances associated with such transactions, guaranteeing safe fund transfers to the business’s bank account.


Why are the adult industry merchant accounts considered high-risk?

Businesses in the adult industry requiring credit card and payment processing are often categorized as high-risk by payment gateway providers. This classification stems from several factors:

  • Fraudulent activities: Digital transactions in the adult sector are more susceptible to fraud, particularly from stolen credit card details. The anonymity of online transactions can increase this risk, making it essential for businesses to implement strong eCommerce and credit card fraud prevention strategies.
  • Chargebacks: Businesses often face chargebacks from customers hesitant to have adult content charges on their statements or from those who forget about recurring payments. Effective communication and reminders about upcoming charges can mitigate this issue.
  • Reputational concerns: Traditional banks may shy away from supporting adult businesses due to societal perceptions, fearing reputational damage. This is why they must partner with payment processors with a more modern perspective.
  • Legal considerations: The adult industry is subject to specific regulations, such as the 2257 law in the U.S. that requires age verification for all performers. Additionally, some regions may ban the sale of products, further complicating legal compliance and limiting potential customer bases.

In light of these challenges, adult businesses need to remain proactive in ensuring compliance and seeking payment service providers that understand and support high-risk industries.


How much adult payment processing costs?

The adult merchant account transaction fees typically range from 2-4%. However, the cost can vary considerably depending on several factors. These include the choice of payment provider, your business’s risk profile, transaction volume, and the specific services required.

For example, the fees PayFasto charges for credit card processing are influenced by factors like processing history, sales methods, countries of operation, sales volume, and products sold.


What types of adult sites need payment processing?

Adult sites that require payment processing typically include premium or subscription-based platforms offering exclusive content such as videos, live streams, or virtual experiences.

These may encompass adult entertainment websites, adult dating platforms, or adult-oriented e-commerce sites selling products like adult toys and merchandise. Adult payment processing helps maintain privacy and discretion for consumers.


Can I use PayPal to sell adult products?

If you’re looking for a PayPal adult merchant account, your time is best spent looking elsewhere. While PayPal does offer merchant accounts, they have strict policies against adult content, and attempting to use PayPal for such purposes could result in the suspension or termination of your account.

Instead, businesses in the adult industry often opt for specialized payment processors that cater specifically to adult content transaction needs.


Can I use a traditional PSP (payment service provider) for my adult business?

Using a traditional Payment Service Provider (PSP) for an adult business can be challenging due to the industry’s specific requirements and regulations. Many mainstream PSPs have policies against adult content, making it difficult to process payments for these businesses. 

However, some PSPs specialize in serving the adult industry, providing solutions that fit its needs. Just make sure you pick a PSP that supports adult businesses to ensure compliance and smooth payment processing.


How to secure adult payment processing?

To secure adult payment processing, start by choosing a payment processor that deals with adult content to avoid account shutdowns. Implement robust security measures like SSL encryption to protect customer data.

Make sure to clearly outline terms and conditions regarding age verification, refunds, and privacy policies. Also, keep an eye on transactions to catch any potential fraudulent activity and stay updated on legal regulations to avoid issues like penalties or account closures.


How can you accept payments for your adult website?

To accept payments for your adult website, you need to set up an adult business payment processing gateway. Ensure you choose an established adult payment processor to avoid restrictions. These dedicated adult merchant accounts enable you to receive payment in multiple currencies from your customers globally.


What are the requirements for the adult payment processing application?

When you apply for adult payment processing, you’ll need to give lots of details about your business, including its nature and content. You’ll need to comply with age verification regulations to prevent underage access to adult content.

Ensure that your website’s terms and conditions, including refund policies and privacy statements, are clearly outlined. Be prepared to undergo a thorough review process by the adult payment processor to verify compliance with their policies and industry regulations.


Is it possible to have instant approval for adult payment processing?

Getting instant approval for adult payment processing is unlikely due to the nature of the industry. Most payment processors, especially those catering to adult businesses, require a careful review process to ensure compliance with regulations and their own policies.

Factors such as the type of adult content, business model, and risk assessment also contribute to the approval timeline. While some processors may offer quicker approvals than others, instant approval is rare, nd you’ll probably have to wait a bit before you can start accepting payments.


Why choose PayFasto for your adult business merchant account provider?

Among the many advantages of choosing PayFasto for your adult business merchant account provider is chargeback prevention, helping keep more of your earnings where they belong—in your pockets.

Our adult payment gateway can be personalized to fit the unique needs of your adult business. and by integrating with various platforms and systems, PayFasto makes it even easier to simplify your payment experience and improve operations.

With PayFasto, you can expect adult industry expertise, a human touch, and complete transparency throughout the whole process.


In which countries do you offer adult merchant accounts?

At PayFasto, we serve the US, UK, and European markets, including (but not limited to) countries such as:

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • France
  • Germany
  • Portugal
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Greece
  • Austria
  • Malta
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • More!