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Dennis Pedersen

Dennis Pedersen

Adult Payment Processing

Why choose an Adult Merchant Account Provider?

If you’re an adult business you’ll be considered high risk, and you should consider choosing an adult merchant account provider like PayFasto, who can help your adult business accept credit card transactions and digital payments.

We understand the distinct challenges faced by businesses in the adult industry in both the US and Europe, and our adult payment gateway provides a secure and reliable way to process transactions and decrease fraud and chargebacks.

With PayFasto, your adult entertainment business can accept payments from customers around the world while ensuring their data is protected.

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An overview of the adult entertainment industry

The adult industry, often synonymous with the term “adult entertainment,” spans a broad spectrum of content primarily aimed at mature audiences. This includes everything from adult films, magazines, and websites to novelties, toys, and live performances.

While the industry offers lucrative opportunities, it’s also characterized by its high-risk status, by governments, particularly concerning payment processing and merchant account services. As societal perspectives continue to evolve, the adult industry is poised for further growth and diversification.

Adult Payment Processing

Our Adult Merchant Account Payment Solutions

The adult industry encompasses a diverse range of niches, each with its own distinct requirements and challenges.

At PayFasto, we understand that no two businesses are alike, and that’s why our specialized adult payment solutions are tailored to cater to various adult industry niches.

Whether you’re in the business of live cams, porn, sex toys, dating services, content platforms, or content creation, we have you covered with our seamless and secure adult merchant accounts. We’re one of the best high-risk merchant accounts processors for high risk businesses,

Here are some of the most popular adult niches we cater to:

Adult Live WebCam Payment Processing

Adult Live WebCam Payment Processing

Navigating the world of the adult live webcam businesses is all about delivering compelling performances, not wrestling with financial challenges.

PayFasto’s specialized adult webcam merchant account handles these complex aspects, so you can keep your eyes on the main event – your performers and audience.

Choose PayFasto for your adult live webcam payment processing and you’ll be set to safely and securely process payments from around the world. 

Adult Payment Processor for Porn Sites

Adult Payment Processor for Porn Sites

In the adult entertainment industry, payment processing can be a real hurdle.

At PayFasto, we’ve specialized in payment processing for adult entertainment websites and porn websites, and that’s why we offer a tailored porn merchant account to take the pain out of payments.

With our adult entertainment payment gateway, you can focus on creating captivating content while we deal with the finances. 

To our most discrete clients, we also offer merchant services for the escort and sex industry.

Click here for more information on our escort merchant account.

Adult & Sex Toys Payment Processor

Adult & Sex Toys Payment Processor

Running a thriving sex toy business is all about understanding and meeting your customer’s needs.

PayFasto steps in to provide a specialized sex toys payment gateway that simplifies your transactions. This means you can dedicate more time to sourcing and promoting your products, while we ensure that payments are secure and hassle-free for both you and your customers.

Choose PayFasto as your adult toys payment processor and start accepting credit cards payments today. 

Online Dating Merchant Account 

Online Dating Merchant Account 

In the dating services sector, creating meaningful connections should be your priority, not struggling with financial operations.

That’s where PayFasto’s dedicated dating merchant account comes into play – simplifying your transactions and letting you concentrate on what truly matters – sparking love and connection. 

Our dating payment gateway is safe, secure and easy to set up!

Adult Payment Processor for Porn Sites

Payment Processing For Adult Content Platforms

If you operate an adult content platform, your primary role is delivering quality content to your audience. Dealing with payment processing shouldn’t hold you back.

With PayFasto’s tailored adult content platform payment gateway, you can navigate transactions smoothly, giving you more room to create and curate compelling content that keeps your audience engaged.

Adult Payment Processor for Porn Sites

Payment Processing For Adult Content Creators 

As an adult content creator, maintaining a steady creative flow is essential. Adult payment processing challenges shouldn’t disrupt your artistic endeavors.

PayFasto recognizes this and offers adult content creators a unique and tailored merchant account to address these issues.

By leaving payment processing complexities to us, you can focus on crafting adult content on websites such as OnlyFans and connect with your audience, knowing that your transactions are in capable hands.

Looking For Payment Processing in Other Adult Services?

At PayFasto, we’re committed to providing adult payment solutions and adult high-risk merchant accounts that cater to the unique requirements of each adult industry niche. If your adult business niche is not part of the adult niches mentioned above, contact us and we’ll see what we can do to help. 

Our goal is to empower your business with secure and seamless payment processing, allowing you to thrive and grow within your chosen niche.

With PayFasto, you can embrace your creativity, deliver exceptional experiences to your adult customers, and leave the intricacies of adult payment processing to us.

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With PayFasto you’ll have an adult payment provider with chargeback- and fraud protection, personal 24/7 support, 3D secure payments, simple integrations and more.

How to get an Adult Merchant Account

For adult businesses, securing a reliable adult merchant account can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Some providers are well-versed in the unique needs of high-risk sectors, including adult payment processing.


Here’s how you prepare for approval and get an adult merchant account:

Start by enhancing your credit score: settle any debts and ensure this is updated in your latest credit report. If you’re approaching providers after closing a prior merchant account, be prepared to clarify the reasons behind its termination.

Providers specializing in high-risk industries, like the adult sector, might ask for a deposit. This functions as a financial safety net, ensuring they can manage refunds if your venture faces unexpected hiccups. Keep in mind, the processing fees associated with an adult merchant account can hover between 2 to 4%. 

When presenting your business to potential processors, honesty is crucial. A clear picture of your operations can instill confidence in providers, making them more likely to assist with your adult payment processing needs..

Best Adult Merchant Account Provider PayFasto

How to prevent fraud and chargebacks in the adult entertainment industry

Being flagged for an adult entertainment merchant account often stems from the elevated risks of chargebacks and fraudulent activities inherent in the industry. These challenges, if not tackled head-on, can dent your financial position, thanks to the accumulating fees from chargebacks. To prevent your adult business from chargebacks and fraud, consider the following safeguards:

  • Advocate for customers to set up secure online accounts with your platform.
  • Insist on customers accepting your site’s terms before finalizing any purchase.
  • Employ the Address Verification System (AVS) to validate billing details.
  • Make the Card Verification Value (CVV) a compulsory entry for all online card-not-present transactions.
  • Leverage IP Tracking to monitor and alert on unusual buying patterns.
  • Integrate advanced 3D secure authentication processes like Verified by Visa for added transactional security.
  • Introduce a short, say two-day, authorization period prior to dispatching goods or rendering services, giving banks or cardholders ample time to detect any suspicious activity.

Remember, even businesses deemed high-risk can fortify their operations against the dual threats of fraud and chargebacks.


How to Select the Best Adult Payment Processor

The process of selecting the best adult payment processor is a pivotal step for businesses operating within the adult industry. The unique challenges and intricacies of this high-risk field demand careful consideration of various factors.


1. Supporting Multiple Payment Methods

A reliable adult payment processor should have the capability to accommodate a wide range of payment methods. From credit and debit cards to eChecks and mobile payments, flexibility in payment options is crucial. 

2. Fortified Security

In the realm of adult content transactions, security is paramount. Seek an adult payment gateway that provides robust security features, including cutting-edge fraud detection mechanisms and state-of-the-art data encryption protocols.

3. Mitigate Risks: Preventing Chargebacks with Vigilance

The adult industry’s subscription-based models often lead to higher chargeback rates. A good adult payment processor should offer comprehensive risk management and chargeback prevention tools.

4. Navigating Recurring Billing

Given the prevalence of subscription-based models in the adult industry, an adept payment processor must offer robust subscription management features. From automated recurring billing to simplified cancellation procedures, these tools streamline the administrative side of recurring transactions, ensuring customer satisfaction while optimizing your revenue flow.

5. Transparent Pricing: Avoid Hidden Surprises

Transparent pricing is a non-negotiable factor when selecting the best adult merchant account. With the high-risk nature of the adult industry, clarity in terms of pricing and the absence of hidden fees are crucial for maintaining a sustainable financial model.

A best-in-class adult payment processor should provide upfront and comprehensive pricing structures that empower you to make informed decisions.

6. Dependable Customer Support

The adult industry doesn’t adhere to traditional business hours, which is why 24/7 customer support from your chosen adult payment processor is essential. 

7. Adult Industry Expertise

Look for an adult payment processor with a proven track record of catering to high-risk businesses, especially within the adult industry. Industry-specific experience equips the processor with a profound understanding of the unique challenges and regulatory complexities you face.

This expertise translates into the best adult payment solutions that cater to your specific needs and foster long-term growth.

Adult Entertainment Industry Payment Processing

Experience Matters. Choose PayFasto As Your Trusted Adult Payment Processor

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Adult Merchant Account


What is an Adult Merchant Account?

An adult merchant account is an account designed to help businesses in the adult entertainment industry to accept electronic payments, such as credit card transactions.

Tailored to cater to the specific needs and challenges of this industry, an adult business merchant account ensures that funds from sales, subscriptions, or exclusive content are processed securely and efficiently.

Given the unique and often controversial nature of adult content, these accounts are designed to handle the heightened risks and regulatory nuances associated with such transactions, ensuring that the funds are safely transferred to the adult business’s bank account.


Why are Adult Merchant Accounts considered high risk?

If you have a business in the adult industry and in the need of credit card and payment processing, it is considered a high risk industry for payment gateway provider. In short it is due to fraud and chargebacks, but there’s actually more reasons.

Here’s some of the main reasons that the adult entertainment industry is labeled high risk:

  1. Fraudulent Activities: Digital transactions in the adult sector are more susceptible to fraud, particularly from stolen credit card details. The anonymity of online operations can sometimes embolden fraudsters. It’s crucial for businesses in this domain to employ robust eCommerce and credit card fraud prevention mechanisms.

  2. Chargebacks: Adult businesses often face chargebacks, either from customers unwilling to have adult content listed on their statements or from those who forget about recurring payments. Proper communication, reminding customers of upcoming charges, can help alleviate this.

  3. Reputational Concerns: Traditional banks may be hesitant to support adult businesses due to outdated societal standards, fearing reputational damage. Adult enterprises, therefore, must seek payment processors with a more modern perspective.

  4. Legal Considerations: The adult industry is governed by unique laws. For instance, the 2257 regulation in the U.S. mandates age verification for all performers. Additionally, certain regions may entirely prohibit the sale of adult products. These legal restrictions can limit the customer base and deter some payment processors.

In light of these challenges, adult businesses need to remain proactive, ensuring they are compliant and finding supportive payment service providers. At PayFasto we’re the best high risk merchant account provider in 2023, and help high risk businesses like adult accept payments.

How Much Does an adult merchant account Cost?

An adult merchant account usually cost between 2-4% in transaction fees. However the the cost of an adult merchant account can vary significantly based on several factors including the adult payment provider, your business’s risk profile, the volume of your transactions, and the types of services you require.

For instance, fees that PayFasto will charge on adult credit card processing depends on factors like processing history, method of sales, countries, volume of sales, and products.


Top 3 Adult Merchant Account Providers

Find an adult merchant account provider for your adult entertainment venture is crucial, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The ideal provider goes beyond just facilitating transactions; they present a comprehensive suite of offerings, equitable contract conditions, and competitive rates. Exceptional customer support remains a pivotal element in the mix. Here are our prime selections for adult merchant account providers.


1. PayFasto: The best payment processor for any adult business

As a specialist in the realm of adult merchant account services, PayFasto offers a premium experience tailored specifically for the adult industry. Their commitment to secure and reliable payment processing ensures adult businesses operate seamlessly, reflecting their deep understanding of the industry’s unique needs.


  • Custom solutions for adult industry challenges
  • Advanced security infrastructure
  • Swift and efficient transaction processing


  • May be less recognized than industry veterans

2. PayPal:

PayPal, a globally renowned payment processor, does offer services for the adult industry. However, its generalist approach means it might not be optimized for the specific challenges adult businesses face. It’s essential to tread with caution and be aware of their terms.


    • Well-established global reputation
    • Wide range of integrations
    • User-friendly interface


    • Not tailored for adult merchant account needs
    • Potential for sudden account freezes
    • Higher fees for industries they deem “high-risk”

3. Stripe:

Stripe, like PayPal, is a universally recognized name in payment processing. Yet, while they do accommodate the adult sector to an extent, they don’t specialize in it. This could result in less than optimal experiences for businesses in the adult space, given the industry’s unique payment challenges.


    • Trusted by millions globally
    • Feature-rich platforms
    • Wide merchant acceptance


    • Not designed with the adult industry in mind
    • Risk of unexpected account limitations
    • Potentially high fees for adult businesses

Where should you get your Adult Payment Gateway?

In the world of adult merchant accounts and payment providers can be intricate. Yet, with us at PayFasto, your journey becomes streamlined. We don’t just offer a typical adult payment gateway; we specialize in adult merchant accounts tailored explicitly for adult businesses.

Our strong ties with banking institutions and in-depth understanding of payment processing for high-risk sectors uniquely position us to serve your needs.

We blend the right mix of flexibility and integration options, ensuring your adult business transacts seamlessly. Choose PayFasto, where expertise meets reliability in the realm of adult entertainment merchant account solutions.

What other industries are considered high risk?

PayFasto isn’t just a leader in adult payment processing; we also excel in providing tailored payment processing solutions for a wide range of high-risk industries.

Gambling Merchant Account

CBD Merchant Account 

Cannabis Merchant Account

Nutraceutical Merchant Account

Forex Merchant Account

Travel Merchant Services and Payment Account

Cryptocurrency Merchant Account

E-Cigarettes & Vape Merchant Account

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Dennis Pedersen
CEO & Founder of PayFasto. I have achieved a long time dream of helping advertisers with getting the processing setup they always wanted! This is something i wanted when i had my own offers.
Dennis Pedersen
CEO & Founder of PayFasto. I have achieved a long time dream of helping advertisers with getting the processing setup they always wanted! This is something i wanted when i had my own offers.


CEO & Founder of PayFasto. I have achieved a long time dream of helping advertisers with getting the processing setup they always wanted! This is something i wanted when i had my own offers.