Blik is a local payment method which is based in Poland and has existed since 2013

Alternative Payment Method – Blik

Blik processes about 430,000 transactions a day, which not only means that it is massive in Poland
but also a must-have LPM in order to penetrate the Polish market.
With PayFasto you’ll pay a fixed, low fee per every successful transaction and refunds.


Fixed fee: 3.5% + PLN 0.99


About Blik

BLIK is a Polish local payment method which was created by the Polish Payment Standard that enables millions of phone users to: pay in stores, withdraw cash at ATMs and make online payments. This system is a convenient and secure payment method using one-time, 6-digit codes authentication making it of the best standards to be accepting/sending payments.

Customer Flow

Blik with PayFasto
Blik with PayFasto
Blik with PayFasto

Blik processing details

Markets: Poland
Payment Flows: Bank transfer
Recurring Payments: No
One-click Payments: Yes

Processing: PLN
Settlement: PLN
Recurring: None

Transaction Information:
Minimum Amount: 0.01 EUR
Maximum Amount: PLN 10.000 / transaction
Timeout: 45 seconds

Features & Risks:
Refunds: Yes
Multi / Partial: Yes
Over Refund: No
Dynamic Descriptor: Yes
Payment Guarantee: Yes
Chargebacks Risk: Yes

Benefits to using Blik with PayFasto

The most used payment method in Poland
A trusted name for Polish consumers
Payments are guaranteed and immediately confirmed
Protected by 3D-secure technology
A set, low fee of 3.5% + PLN 0.99 for successful transactions