ACH vs. Wire Transfer: What’s the Difference?

person making a wire transfer on their phone

Are you a business owner confused by the difference between ACH vs. wire transfer, wondering which is the right option for your business transactions? We’ve sourced our expert insights after years in the high-risk payments industry to bring you this quick guide. You’ll learn: The key difference between ACH and wire transfers How each of […]

How To Get a High Risk Online Dating Merchant Account Solution

Online dating app

PayFasto offers dedicated merchant accounts for online dating businesses Explore secure & reliable online dating merchant services with our online dating high-risk merchant account and payment gateway for dating websites & apps. At PayFasto, we specialize in providing merchant accounts for online dating businesses that cater to the specific needs of these merchants. Whether you’re […]

Decoding Point Of Sale (POS) Transactions: A Business Owner’s Playbook

Take charge of your payment process by learning all you need to know about POS transactions: What is a POS transaction What is a POS transaction type How PayFasto complements your POS transactions  From decoding the essentials to optimizing the different types, read on to discover how to turn your point of sale into a […]

Complete Guide to Chargeback Fraud Prevention in 2024

Chargebacks may be a lifeline for consumer protection but also a recurrent stressor for online retailers. This is especially true for those operating in high-risk industries. As online purchases become more common, chargeback fraud threatens not just financial losses but the very foundation of trust between businesses and their customers.  Read on to uncover all […]

Best Retail Merchant Account & Payment Processing Solution

Retail Merchant Account

In the market for a seamless and reliable high-risk retail merchant account? PayFasto guarantees a dedicated solution for all your payment processing woes. From fraud protection to 24/7 dedicated support, we’ve got all your bases covered. Seamless & Affordable Retail Merchant Account Running a business is challenging enough without cash flow issues. This is why […]

Credit Card Payment Processing: What It is & How It Works

Credit Card Payment Processing

It’s becoming increasingly important for high-risk merchants to provide their customers with payment methods they actually prefer. However, to effectively offer various payment options, it’s essential to have knowledge about credit card payment processing, online payments, and mobile payment options. Specifically, with the rise of digital payment methods, businesses need to adapt and embrace certain […]

What Is a 3D Secure Payment Gateway & Why You Need to Know


3D Payment Gateway What is a 3D Payment Gateway? Features of 3DS Advantages of 3D Payment Gateway Disadvantages of a 3D Payment Gateway Card-Not-Present Merchants Need 3D Gateway Account 3D Secure Payment Gateway Solutions With A PayFasto   3D Secure payment gateway may seem like a fashionable technical word, but it can help your e-commerce […]

What is A Rolling Reserve & How Does It Work? (Quick Guide)

Rolling Reserves Explained

What is a rolling reserve? A rolling reserve is a chargeback risk prevention tool, and is used with any business model that is deemed high risk of getting them. For the most part bank will set a firm percentage based on the risk involved with the business. Can be 5%-20% of transaction value per month. […]