CBD vs. THC: What’s the Difference?



CBD in Europe

CBD is extracted from 100 chemical compounds found in cannabis plant. Whereas, Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly known as THC, is the ingredient in the cannabis plant that makes marijuana a hallucinogenic drug. The difference between the two is vast. And, it is time to educate the people who are unaware of it.

People are losing out on all the benefits of the CBD because of some misconceptions. In other words, people still confuse it with the substance used for other purposes. Whereas, CBD is solely used for medical purposes. Hence, the benefit from it are huge. From prevention to cure, it serves all the purposes. Although, very little is branded on the differences of it with cannabis – in which you, by the way, also will need a tailored cannabis merchant account to process payments.

Therefore, merchants like you who work with forward looking products like CBD need to step up. You have to take the responsibility to let people know the difference. Also, we need to make people aware of the benefits they can get from CBD. A lack of research still restricts us a lot. But the proof of the benefits are emerging well and truly.

Why make people aware of CBD?

Alongside benefits to the users, it also brings a wide range of opportunities for the sellers. Once people realise the benefits of it, no one can go back! The effectivity of such natural products have always been in use throughout ages. And the use of CBD carries the legacy forward.

The debates on CBD are slowly alleviating from ‘do we need it‘ to ‘how do we need it’. Although, a wider social acceptance is yet to be established. Nevertheless, its growing popularity is very visible. Therefore, we should make people aware of its effective use.

Considering the effective parts of it, benefits of CBD products can range from treating or controlling psychological to physical health issues. Two major ambassadors of effectiveness of these products remains to be the cure of depression and cancer. However, for the disliking of many, other cures from CBD products are not very backed by what one may call the “scientific proof”.

How to spread the news?

We as a team are the true medium of spreading the right information. As merchants of cannabinoids, you have a great responsibility. Therefore, it is your role to ensure people know what they are buying from you.

Also, for people who are yet to know more about it. Making sure that the benefits of cannabinoids are well illustrated, is a major task in hand now. Not only branding your products, but adding proper description is necessary too.

You and CBD

Even if you are not in need of the effective medicine, the restricted law can make your cannabinoid business a highly risky one. Also, your chances of coping up with a globally growing business might be lost.

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