Chargebacks – Again?!



Chargebacks – Still facing troubles to dispute your chargebacks? Also, are the claims against you are unnecessarily tiring and irrational? You are not alone. Whether you are the best merchant or not, you just cannot escape the world of chargebacks.

Dispute your chargebacks- tiresome but not impossible. Furthermore, with growing industry of online payments you should start making a part of your life.

What are chargebacks?

A chargeback occurs when a customer asks a credit card company to reverse a transaction’. Basically, a customer bought your product, didn’t like it and wants their money back!

Also, it is much more annoying when the claims are not even rational. For example, you might have just delivered the right thing but the customer wanted that shade of red instead of this shade of red!

Nevertheless, you have to settle it calmly. “Customer is the boss” at the end of the day.

Are all chargeback claims irrational?

Not really. The group of good buyers mostly lose because of the frauds.

You never know who is a scammer and who is actually trying to cause a trouble.

How to dispute your chargeback?

Keep calm. We know your business stress is already killing you. Further, the chargebacks are making you slower. It is easy to make mistakes when you are trying to win back a chargeback.

May be your competitor is trying to stop you or maybe it’s just a random scammer. Either way, you have to deal with it calmly.

Easy to win, easier to fail

Ask your bank to try settle it with the bank of the card payer. Check if the claim has arrived wrongly. Your chances of winning might be there in the first step.

Now, if the bank confirms the claim, check for your product default.

Still not finding the answer? Call up your customer with the best smile of the day. Hence, making sure that the communication is clear, is part of the process.

Eventually, the process will work. If it still doesn’t, let it go! A loss of one product claim should not hamper your other major trades. Don’t fall for the trap.

Chargeback and you

You may own a business of Cannabidiol or CBD oil or be it of travel processing, chargebacks make your business risky. High risk merchants can make the most profits if guided well. PayFasto is always there to help you can set up your dream business. PayFasto even helps you to have high risk merchant accounts.

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