Future of Cryptocurrency Acceptance

Mohammad W. Jahin

Mohammad W. Jahin


2021 has been a big year for cryptocurrencies as digital coins exploded in popularity, with assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance and Litecoin all growing sizably. Bitcoin’s total market cap, for example, surpassed $1 trillion in February 2021.

It should be no surprise that many of the world’s largest companies have begun accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for goods and services. Tesla, Twitch, PayPal, Xbox, Burger King and CocaCola are among the many companies to accept digital currencies in 2021.

United Wholesale Mortgage, which made its public debut in January via a special purpose acquisition (SPAC) merger, announced plans this week to accept cryptocurrency for home loans, in what is being billed as a first for the national mortgage industry.

Dave Abner, head of global development at Gemini, a popular cryptocurrency exchange. “There’s tremendous focus and attention being paid to [the crypto industry].” This being said, lawmakers in Washington D.C. and across the world are trying to figure out how to establish laws and guidelines to make cryptocurrency safer for investors and less appealing to cybercriminals. And U.S. Senators have considered new regulation to bolster cryptocurrency tax reporting measures.

You can now tell what the future of payments for businesses might look like. And shifting with the situation, big players in the payment industry such as the French payment acquirer Worldline are also turning their tide to crypto payment acceptance.

Over 85,000 merchants in Switzerland now accept cryptocurrency payments from customers through a collaboration between Swiss crypto-financial services company Bitcoin Suisse and French payment and transactional services company Worldline.

Dennis E. R. Pedersen, CEO of Payfasto Payments Limited, being personally involved in the crypto space have always been keen about digital currencies. And our team is always looking to explore and develop swift and secure methods to provide our merchants with range of cryptocurrency acceptance for their business.

Small businesses can also take advantage of the crypto craze, and they can easily accept digital payments with assistance from our team. We typically offer cryptocurrency transaction fees less than the fees you’ll pay on many credit cards.

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