A standard international numbering system developed to identify an overseas bank account. Our business IBAN accounts are designed to serve modern businesses – lets you to access SWIFT/ SEPA and make and receive payments locally and internationally for lesser costs.

Why Merchants Use IBAN Account?


IBAN is essential for online businesses accepting cashless payments from customers. Payments received are settled in this account by the acquirer. This account is also used to payout suppliers locally and internationally.

Setting up a virtual IBAN account is basic and direct. Any entrepreneur is discouraged by long, regulatory barriers and high expense of setting up a conventional account.

How IBAN Helps Your Business?


Opening and running various accounts in various nations are expensive. Virtual IBAN works with one real account. Consequently, settlement and steering of installments are a lot quicker than in traditional account. A virtual IBAN is kept in redundant, encoded cloud servers. This way is generally safe of misrepresentation or vacation.

All of the above makes IBAN transactions faster, cheaper and secure.