How PayFasto Helped Luzzoo Choose the Right Payment Services to Save Time & Stress

About the Merchant

Luzzoo is an online discounter that sells fast-moving goods worldwide. Working in such a fast-paced and constantly changing industry requires Luzoo to have a well-rounded payment structure to cater to its customers and remain compliant.

The Challenges

Luzzoo struggled to get past the complex and time-consuming process of onboarding with different acquirers. With no help from their previous merchant service providers, they found they were wasting more time on the onboarding process than they were on actually improving their business and catering to their customers preferences and payment needs.

The biggest difficulties we found ourselves running into before joining PayFasto were the tedious onboarding processes with different acquirers. All the back-and-forth emailing and submitting of documents before even getting approved was a lot.

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PayFasto's Solutions

Most payment providers don’t have a truly transparent setup procedure without any hidden fees and a good back-end support team. Luzzoo was looking for a provider who would fit into that gap and spare them from unnecessary headaches.

PayFasto advised us on all the available options and gave us the support we needed. Their reliability, straightforwardness, strong work ethic, and responsiveness is what we appreciate the most. They're a great team that puts their heart and soul into what they do.

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