Worldclass partnership

Work closely with us!

We work closely with solutions across the world, which ensures global coverage. We work tirelessly to upkeep solutions and adding more to our porfolio.

A true partner

Partnering up with PayFasto

Our key pilars at PayFasto is responsiveness, knowledge, respect and love, which means we care about our partners and we care about clients. What we´re looking for in future partners is those who are of the same values. 

Partnering with PayFasto ensure monthly calls, overviews as well as clear and transparent communication, so you know what you have when you work with us.

Gain where gains needed

Benefits of working with PayFasto

Partner with someone, you can trust and who cares.

Interesting partner program

Who can partner with us?

We´re looking for all sorts of different partners who share our values.

Why should you chose PayFasto?

The answers is easy, because it comes to a benefit for you as well as your customers/merchants, as you can build a strong but passive income for your business. With a partnership we ensure the best terms for your merchants, whilst assuring growth and commercial abilities. We´re always very flexible for our commission structure for our partners and since we´re the most transparent solution out there. We will tell you precisely what you stand to make by working with us, 50% of all the profits made on your referrals.

We devote ourselves to our partners and their merchants as we believe that we grow with you, not alone.

Flexibility is the name of the game which means, it isn´t locked to just 1 solution but we can move freely and make your merchants dreams come true.

We work with multiple  payment gateways which comes with industry leading fraud and chargeback protection systems, designed to protect their businesses. The client dashboard gives them total performance control by giving them a complete overview of their commercial activity and in-depth customer insights. We would also enable an overview to you to always keep track of the merchants.

You and your merchants would always be getting the best service and respect on the market, so do not hesitate to contact us today!