How PayFasto Helped Paul Fiol Frau Set Up Streamlined Payment Solutions for a Quickly Growing High-Risk Business

About the Merchant

Pau Fiol Frau is a top name in the adult industry that specializes in offering advertising for sex workers. Their goal was to find a bank willing to help the business succeed, regardless of the often incredibly difficult barriers set by conservative financial institutions.

The Challenges

Before teaming up with PayFasto, Pau Fiol Frau worked with several providers who just couldn’t keep up or offer the dependable payment infrastructure their expanding website desperately needed.

Growth is usually good news, but not when it means getting turned away by bank after bank, especially in a field as tricky as the adult industry. They were growing fast, but their support system? Not so much.

Our previous providers weren’t dependable nor sustainable enough, as they couldn’t support our website through our growth. We kept getting declined by bank after bank owing to the fact that we were growing briskly in a very high-risk field.

PayFasto's Solutions

Pau Fiol Frau was searching for a payment provider that’s attentive, supportive, and solution-oriented. This was important to them, as the adult industry is so fast-paced and requires quick thinking and a lot of problem-solving to keep things moving and to avoid significant forfeitures, like having our account closed by an acquirer.

So, our solutions were focused on offering them a sustainable solution that included several options specific to their unique and growing payment needs. We offered 24/7 support to help them get set up and running.

PayFasto’s team helped us find a sustainable solution and equipped us with several options. Our experience working with them has been fantastic. They’re quick on their feet and their proficiency in the field is incomparable.