What Is a High-Risk Transaction: Quick Guide

In the dynamic world of online and offline commerce, understanding the concept of a high-risk transaction is essential for businesses and consumers alike. As the name suggests, these transactions carry a higher risk of something going wrong than regular transactions. But what exactly makes a transaction high-risk? How can businesses and consumers navigate these waters […]

High-risk Virtual Terminal: What It Is & How It Works

Understanding how to manage online transactions is crucial for many businesses, especially those operating in high-risk sectors. This is where a high-risk virtual terminal comes in. But what exactly is a high-risk virtual terminal? How does it differ from the regular virtual terminals you might be familiar with? In this blog post, you’ll explore: The […]

High-Risk Merchant Account Instant Approval: Is it Possible?

High risk merchant account instant approval

Have you ever come across ads promoting “high risk merchant account instant approval”? Don’t fall for the claims of merchant account providers who promise instant approval! Unlike regular accounts, high-risk merchant accounts come with a higher level of risk. They are specifically designed for businesses with a higher risk of chargebacks or fraud. High-risk businesses […]

Online Gambling in the USA: What States it is Legal in 2024

Online Gambling in the US

Gambling is a multi-million dollar industry in the United States and its presence is increasing. While the gambling industry is lucrative, in what states are online gambling legal? What are the laws on online gambling in different states? The online gambling industry has seen major changes in recent years, with more than half of US […]

How to Start an Online Gambling Business in 7 Steps

Guide to start an online gambling business

The high risk industry is very competitive and highly regulated. Are you adequately prepared to start an online gambling business?   It is important to emphasize that gambling businesses are subject to regulation and oversight. Starting an online gaming business requires careful consideration of legal requirements, regulatory compliance, financial costs, and potential challenges.  Take the […]

Can I Use PayPal, Stripe, Venmo or Square as a High Risk Merchant in 2023?

Merchant Account For High Risk Business

Table of contents In this article, learn more about why big payment providers are not ideal for high risk businesses and how a dedicated merchant account can be the solution: What is a high risk merchant? Issues of using big payment providers for high risk businesses PayPal High Risk Merchant Accounts Stripe High Risk Merchant […]

Visa Regulations 2023: More Transparent Payment Processing

A Stronger Visa?

Visa card payments just got stronger. Incorporation of new regulations for Visa has made the payment processing more transparent. Additionally, Visa intends to make free trials more accessible. Also, the cancellation process is now as easy as sending out a text. Therefore, all the new rules will make the transactions more accountable and make lives […]

Understanding Payment Processing in Europe

Understanding Payment Processing in Europe

Payment Processing in Europe The European Union (EU) has created a single currency called the Euro which is used by all EU Member States except Denmark, Croatia, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, San Marino, Vatican City, Andorra, Monaco, and Kosovo. The EU has also created a single market which means there are no internal borders within the […]

Reliable & Affordable E-commerce Merchant Account

Reliable & Affordable E-commerce Merchant Account

E-commerce Merchant Account Online businesses have grown exponentially since the early ’90s to the point where nearly every business you interact with today has some sort of online presence. While the internet has given massive growth opportunities to businesses around the world, it has also presented new challenges, such as managing payments digitally. Getting your customers […]

Best Retail Merchant Account & Payment Processing Solution

Retail Merchant Account

In the market for a seamless and reliable high-risk retail merchant account? PayFasto guarantees a dedicated solution for all your payment processing woes. From fraud protection to 24/7 dedicated support, we’ve got all your bases covered. Seamless & Affordable Retail Merchant Account Running a business is challenging enough without cash flow issues. This is why […]

Gaming Merchant Account & Payment Processing

Gaming Merchant Account & Payment Processing

Gaming Merchant Account & Payment Processing If you are planning on operating an online gambling platform, you are going to need a gambling merchant account. You cannot receive deposits, or make payouts without gambling merchant account. Gaming or Gambling merchant account specifically serves online gaming industry with the purpose of being able to receive payments […]

Vape, E-cigarette and Tobacco Payment Processing

Payment Processing for Vape, E-cigarette and Tobacco Businesses If you are in the tobacco business, you already know that Vape, E-cigarette and Tobacco are considered as high risk products by payment processors and acquirers. It is quite hectic for the merchants from this industry to process payments for payment cards and local alternatives. And this […]

How Do You Get a Merchant Account With Bad Credit in the UK?

How Do You Get a Merchant Account With Bad Credit in the UK?

If one is going to receive an account for payment processing in the UK but doesn’t have a worthy credit history, they need to keep in mind some things. In today’s article, we will cover some information that may come in handy for those trying to understand such phenomena as sometimes called bad credit merchant […]

Online Gambling Merchant Account & Payment Processing: What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know About Online Gambling Merchant Accounts & Payment Processing

The global online gambling market is growing rapidly these days. However, finding a payment processing company for your online gambling business can still be a challenge. In today’s article, we are going to cover the most important things you need to know before opening a merchant account and choosing a payment provider. What makes online […]

What to Do When Your Merchant Account Has Been Closed?

What To Do If Your Merchant Account Is Closed

A merchant account may be terminated after a 30-days notice or quite suddenly. This is a very unwelcoming development for any business because they lose the ability to make transactions. The good news is that this article aims to provide insights on how to deal with this issue.   4 Reasons why a merchant account […]

What Is A Merchant ID – Complete Guide for Businesses

What a Merchant ID is all about

Navigating the world of online business is tricky enough. One key question that every business owner should know the answer to is “What is a merchant ID?” Think of an MID (merchant identification number) as a special code that helps keep track of all the money matters for your business. Simply put, it’s a unique […]