High-Risk Virtual Terminal: What It Is & How It Works

Understanding how to manage online transactions is crucial for many businesses, especially those operating in high-risk sectors. That’s what a high-risk virtual terminal is for. But what exactly is a high-risk virtual terminal, and how does it differ from the regular virtual terminals you might be familiar with? We’ve created this quick guide to help […]

ACH vs. Wire Transfer: What’s the Difference?

person making a wire transfer on their phone

Are you a business owner confused by the difference between ACH vs. wire transfer, wondering which is the right option for your business transactions? We’ve sourced our expert insights after years in the high-risk payments industry to bring you this quick guide. You’ll learn: The key difference between ACH and wire transfers How each of […]

ACH Return Codes: 8 Most Common Resolved

From the convenience of direct deposits to the efficiency of online bill payments, ACH transactions play a significant role in our daily financial interactions. Which makes ACH returns all the more frustrating. Read on to explore: What are ACH return codes How they work and what causes them What to do to solve them What […]

ACH Debit vs. ACH Credit – Understanding The Differences

Knowing the role of ACH debit vs. ACH credit transactions can make a difference in ensuring the financial efficiency of your business. Whether you’re a business owner, a finance enthusiast, or simply curious about modern banking, this guide will help you learn: The differences between ACH debit vs ACH credit How each works and the […]

Decoding Point Of Sale (POS) Transactions: A Business Owner’s Playbook

Take charge of your payment process by learning all you need to know about POS transactions: What is a POS transaction What is a POS transaction type How PayFasto complements your POS transactions  From decoding the essentials to optimizing the different types, read on to discover how to turn your point of sale into a […]

Complete Guide to Chargeback Fraud Prevention in 2024

Chargebacks may be a lifeline for consumer protection but also a recurrent stressor for online retailers. This is especially true for those operating in high-risk industries. As online purchases become more common, chargeback fraud threatens not just financial losses but the very foundation of trust between businesses and their customers.  Read on to uncover all […]

Gaming Merchant Account & Payment Processing

Gaming merchant account

The online gaming industry has not only become bigger in the last few years, but its earning potential for merchants has also significantly increased.  However, the disruption means that gamers are also becoming more conscious of what to expect from providers, and this can pose a significant threat to merchants that do not transform their […]

What Is A Merchant ID – Complete Guide for Businesses

What a Merchant ID is all about

Navigating the world of online business is tricky enough. One key question that every business owner should know the answer to is “What is a merchant ID?” Think of an MID (merchant identification number) as a special code that helps keep track of all the money matters for your business. Simply put, it’s a unique […]

All You Need To Know About Credit Card Processing Fees

All You Need To Know About Credit Card Processing Fees

Interchange Fees Scheme fees Payment Processor’s Fees Merchant Account Fees Dues and Assessment Fees How To Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees It is essential for merchants to adapt to the changes in the e-commerce industry by accepting various types of credit cards. However, for every payment provided with a card, payment processing fees may get […]

What Is a High-Risk Transaction: Quick Guide

If you own a business in offline commerce, understanding the concept of a high-risk transaction can make or break your long-term (and honestly short-term) success. As the name suggests, these transactions carry a higher risk of something going wrong than regular transactions. But what exactly makes a transaction high-risk? How can businesses and consumers navigate […]

Credit Card Payment Processing: What It is & How It Works

Credit Card Payment Processing

It’s becoming increasingly important for high-risk merchants to provide their customers with payment methods they actually prefer. However, to effectively offer various payment options, it’s essential to have knowledge about credit card payment processing, online payments, and mobile payment options. Specifically, with the rise of digital payment methods, businesses need to adapt and embrace certain […]

How to Get a High-Risk Merchant Account with Bad Credit?  

Bad credit merchant account

When getting a high risk merchant account bad credit history or a poor credit score can make it difficult to find a provider who is willing to work with you.  Additionally, the negative effects of bad credit can remain on your credit report for a decade. However, don’t lose hope because there are providers out […]