How PayFasto Helped Top Lipp Expedite the High-Risk Application Process & Avoid Excessive Downtime

About the Merchant

Top Lipp is a business in the nicotine industry—specifically, they operate in the tobacco harm reduction space that requires us to take into account several continuing and ever-changing regulations worldwide.

As we’ve worked with other businesses in the tobacco industry before, we knew firsthand how hard it is for a small to medium-sized business to secure a high-risk payment processor

The Challenges

Top Lipp was forced to switch from its previous acquirer due to some policy changes.

So, they were on the lookout for a new provider who would, first and foremost, offer the needed guidance in the on-boarding process needed to ensure a smooth transition and safe, successful payment processing services specific to the nicotine industry’s strict regulations.

We were facing numerous challenges before joining forces with PayFasto, like countless denied applications, which seemed impossible to solve. That was in addition to the high fees and processing charges other gateways were offering that weren’t in accordance with the quality of the service we felt we were getting.

Max Staples PayFasto

PayFasto's Solutions

We worked with Top Lipp to help them improve their application and make sense of the nicotine industry-specific regulations for a successful high-risk merchant account application. We helped them break down the fees before applying and, upon approval, avoid excessive downtime and offer them support whenever they needed it.

After working with PayFasto, we’ve been able to avoid excessive downtime that comes with the dynamical regulations in our industry. On top of that, the responsiveness on their side is unmatchable. The 24-hour support they offer makes managing everything a 100% easier. Working with PayFasto has been a pleasure.

Max Staples PayFasto