How PayFasto Helped TSD Media Get Onboarded Quickly to Boost Payments by 2x

About the Merchant

TSD Media is a merchant in the hard-to-navigate adult industry. The regulatory issues merchants in this high-risk industry face, especially when it comes to successfully processing payments, are due to the intricate and unpredictable nature of the trade regulations

The Challenges

Before collaborating with PayFasto, TSD Media faced significant challenges in maintaining a reliable payment processing partnership.

The issues got worse when they had to part ways with their previous processor, who could no longer work with VISA due to changing laws, effectively slashing their payment processing capacity by half.

This setback not only disrupted their operations but also put a spotlight on the urgent need for a more resilient and adaptable payment solution.

Finding and keeping a decent payment processor in this industry was our main problem. We were forced to switch from our previous processor because they lost VISA due to a change of laws, which cut the payments we were processing into half.

Risto Seeberg PayFasto

PayFasto's Solutions

TSD Media’s main priority was to find a new primary processor that would be, first and foremost, trustworthy.

They also wanted to work with someone who would be able to deal with the rapidly changing regulatory issues and steer clear of any losses they had endured ascribed to the same recurring problems while working with other high-risk merchant service providers, specifically those claiming to be able to handle merchants in the adult industry..

PayFasto was quick to reply when we were in urgent need of a new processor and we were able to get through the on-boarding process promptly, which seemed to be long-drawn-out with other providers. Working with PayFasto has been a pleasure all in all—a great helpful team to have by your side in this industry.

Risto Seeberg PayFasto