Vape, E-cigarette and Tobacco Payment Processing

Mohammad W. Jahin

Mohammad W. Jahin

Payment Processing for Vape, E-cigarette and Tobacco Businesses

Payment Processing for Vape, E-cig and tobacco merchants.If you are in the tobacco business, you already know that Vape, E-cigarette and Tobacco are considered as high risk products by payment processors and acquirers. It is quite hectic for the merchants from this industry to process payments for payment cards and local alternatives. And this is where Payfasto Payments Limited steps in – to ease your struggle in finding a merchant account for your business.

We accept a wide range of Europe and North America based online and offline businesses related to eCigarettes, vaping and tobacco. These include eJuice, e-Cig, smoke shop, vaporizers, vapor, vape pods, accessories, smoking lounges, and related goods and services.

However, nicotine and tobacco based products are age restricted and regulated by local governments. Therefore, we only require you to comply with local and card scheme laws. You may leave the rest of your payment processing up to PayFasto.

What are the benefits of partnering with PayFasto?

We provide fast and secure payment processing, topped with optimized functionality and easy to use interface for your customers. We offer multi-currency merchant account for you to accept debit and credit cards, as well as enable you to accept payments via local payment methods.  

Our quick response team ensures that your application process starts from the moment you sign up with us. And our support team makes sure that you receive continued support even after sales.

And the amount made from sales is settled directly into your business bank account on the day agreed upon contract. So that you can remain stress-free about your money.

What processing fees do we charge you for payment processing?

We are quite flexible when it comes to processing fees for our merchants. We do not impose a fee on the merchant, rather let their business model decide the fees. We don’t say that our solution is the cheapest in the market, as cheapest and fastest solutions does not come with quality.

Our processing fees starting from 1.5%, may vary up to 6%. But we can promise you the most reliable and secure solution in the market. As no wise merchant ever goes for a solution that would risk their business.

You need not to speculate. Instead, you can receive a tailored quotation for your business today simply by clicking here.

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