How PayFasto Helped WeUnite Improve Payout Reliability & Operational Continuity

About the Merchant

WeUnite is a world-leading multilevel CBD marketing company operating in dozens of countries and partnering with boutique retailers worldwide.

Known for always delivering top-tier products and stocking the latest in the market, it’s important for WeUnite to offer secure, reliable payment options to its customers while also ensuring they stay compliant in a modern and rapidly changing industry like CBD.

The Challenges

Before working with PayFasto, WeUnite faced ongoing problems with payout reliability, which is a big deal for any business, especially if you’re handling high risks every day.

Additionally, too many of their customers’ card payments were being rejected, and the companies supposed to help them weren’t much help at all. These issues were holding them back, making it hard for them to grow and succeed.

The problems that kept coming up for us had to do with unreliable payouts, which cannot keep happening if you’re a high-risk merchant in a highly dynamic regulatory industry. We also had issues with low acceptance rates on cards and acquirers that weren’t making anything easier for us.

Christoffer Wilhelmsen PayFasto

PayFasto's Solutions

Ultimately, WeUnited was looking for a gateway they could rely on, which is what they found in PayFasto. They turned to us to help eliminate excess downtime due to problems that could be solved quickly by an expert in the high-risk payment industry. 

PayFasto’s team exceeded our expectations with their reliability, great communication, and responsiveness. They have always been there for us whenever we’ve needed help solving an issue and they’ve been super supportive the whole way through.

Christoffer Wilhelmsen PayFasto