Discover Our High-Risk Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

All-In-One High-Risk Payment Solutions for WooCommerc

All-in-one high-risk payment solutions for WooCommerce

Are you running a WooCommerce store in a high-risk industry? Finding the right ecommerce payment processing solution can be a challenge.

At PayFasto, we are already providing hundreds of merchants a high-risk payment gateway designed specifically for WooCommerce.
With our seamless integration (also available for Shopify) and expert support, you can confidently process credit card payments and take your online business to new heights.

Leveraging WooCommerce as a high-risk merchant

WooCommerce is a popular and versatile e-commerce platform, but certain industries face higher scrutiny and are labeled as high-risk. Learn more about retail merchant accounts here.

If your business operates in sectors like adult entertainment, gambling, pharmaceuticals, or e-cigarettes and vape, you need an online payment gateway that understands the unique challenges you face.

PayFasto specializes in high-risk merchant accounts for WooCommerce, allowing you to leverage the full potential of this powerful platform.

Why choose PayFasto as your payment gateway for WooCommerce?

Industry expertise

Ensure that the payment gateway you choose has experience working with high-risk businesses in your specific industry. PayFasto specializes in high-risk merchant accounts & credit card processing, and understands the intricacies of your business.

Security and compliance

Protecting your customers’ sensitive data is paramount. Look for a payment gateway that is PCI DSS compliant and offers advanced fraud prevention measures. PayFasto prioritizes data security, providing you and your customers with peace of mind.

Integration and compatibility

Seamlessly integrating the payment gateway with your WooCommerce store is essential for a smooth checkout experience. PayFasto offers easy-to-use plugins and APIs, making integration a breeze.

Competitive WooCommerce payment gateway fees

We understand that cost efficiency is important for your business. PayFasto offers competitive pricing plans tailored to high-risk industries. Our transparent fee structure ensures that you have full visibility into the costs associated with processing payments through our gateway.

Customized solutions

We know that every high-risk business has unique requirements. PayFasto offers tailored solutions to accommodate your specific needs, ensuring a personalized and optimized payment experience.

An e-commerce shopping cart with a padlock, moving towards a secure, encrypted gateway, focusing on safe online shopping for high-risk goods.

What industries are classified as high-risk for WooCommerce?

PayFasto caters to a wide range of high-risk industries, including the following.

Adult entertainment

Whether you offer adult content, products, or services, we have the expertise to handle your payment processing needs discreetly and securely.

Gambling and casinos

Operating an online casino, sports betting, or any other gambling-related business? Our high-risk payment gateway ensures smooth and reliable payment transactions for your customers.

Pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals

If you sell prescription medications, supplements, or other pharmaceutical products, PayFasto can provide you with a robust payment solution that meets the unique compliance requirements of the industry.

E-cigarettes & Vape

Whether you sell e-cigarettes, vaping devices, or related accessories, PayFasto can support your high-risk business and provide secure payment processing solutions.


Operating a travel agency, online booking platform, or any other travel-related business? Our high-risk payment gateway ensures seamless and secure transactions for your customers, enabling you to focus on providing exceptional travel experiences.


Managing a dating website or app? PayFasto understands the specific challenges of the dating industry and offers a high-risk payment gateway tailored to your needs, enabling smooth and secure payment processing for your users.


If you operate a cryptocurrency exchange, offer crypto-related services, or accept digital currencies, PayFasto provides a high-risk payment gateway that ensures secure and efficient crypto transactions.


For businesses in the forex trading industry, PayFasto offers a high-risk payment gateway that supports secure and reliable payment processing, enabling seamless transactions for your clients.


Selling CBD products? PayFasto specializes in high-risk merchant accounts for the CBD industry, providing a secure and compliant payment solution for your CBD business.

No matter which high-risk industry you operate in, PayFasto has the expertise and business solutions to support your payment processing needs.

Stay ahead, stay secure

From encrypted tech to PCI DSS compliance and fraud prevention tools, we prioritize your data's safety. Get paid swiftly and securely while giving your customers the flexibility they crave.


What is a high-risk payment gateway for WooCommerce?

A high-risk payment gateway for WooCommerce is a specialized payment processing solution designed to cater to businesses operating in high-risk industries.

It offers features and functionalities that address the unique challenges faced by these industries, such as higher chargeback rates, regulatory compliance, and increased risk of fraudulent transactions.

Why do high-risk businesses using WooCommerce need a specific payment gateway?

High-risk businesses using WooCommerce require a specific payment gateway that understands the intricacies and demands of their industry.

A high-risk payment gateway for WooCommerce provides advanced fraud prevention measures, robust security features, and tailored risk management tools to ensure secure and reliable payment processing for businesses in high-risk sectors.

How PayFasto ensures high-risk payment transaction security on WooCommerce

At PayFasto, we prioritize the security of high-risk payment transactions on WooCommerce. We maintain strict compliance with industry standards, including PCI DSS, to safeguard sensitive payment data. 

Our payment gateway utilizes advanced encryption technologies and fraud prevention mechanisms to protect against unauthorized access and fraudulent activities, ensuring secure payment processing for your WooCommerce store.

Can PayFasto handle high transaction volumes?

Absolutely! PayFasto is designed to handle high transaction volumes, making it suitable for high-risk businesses on WooCommerce.

Whether you experience peak periods or high order volumes, our payment gateway is equipped to process transactions efficiently, ensuring a seamless checkout experience for your customers without any performance limitations.

Can I easily integrate PayFasto’ high-risk payment gateway with my existing WooCommerce store?

Yes, integrating PayFasto’ high-risk payment gateway with your existing WooCommerce store is straightforward. We provide user-friendly plugins and developer-friendly APIs that facilitate seamless integration. 

Our integration process is designed to be quick and hassle-free, allowing you to start accepting high-risk payments on your WooCommerce store with ease.

How PayFasto manages chargebacks for high-risk businesses on WooCommerce

PayFasto employs advanced risk management tools and fraud prevention mechanisms to help high-risk businesses on WooCommerce minimize chargebacks. 

Our team of experts offers guidance on effective chargeback management strategies, providing support to mitigate risks and maintain a healthy payment environment for your WooCommerce store.

What level of customer support does PayFasto offer for high-risk businesses on WooCommerce?

At PayFasto, we pride ourselves on delivering dedicated 24/7 customer support for all our clients. Our knowledgeable payment experts are available round-the-clock to assist you with any inquiries, technical issues, or concerns you may have.

We are committed to providing personalized support, ensuring the smooth operation of your high-risk payment gateway on WooCommerce.

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